My White Coat Ceremony

Hey hey hey !

Welcome to my very first blog post!!!!dsc_0010

Now I know you must be thinking as this is my first blog post I must be overflowing with ideas …that’s  true haha 😀 but also being the very  first blog post means that it is even harder to decide what to post about.dsc_0239

Before we start with all the eye rolls about how cliché fashion bloggers are and how we all post the same content , I would just like to point out that I am VERY different. How different you may ask? Let my blog do the talking.cropped-dsc_0126.jpg

Just recently , if two months ago counts as recently , we had our first Annual White Coat Ceremony. A White Coat Ceremony is where first year medicine students are inaugurated into the school of medicine . A sort of rite of passage into the healthcare sector ( Waddup Wikipedia).dsc_0301

To cut the long story short , the ceremony was simply exciting ! So we can kind of say that my title now is Doctor-to-be Cherop Towett 🙂dsc_0192

In the evening we had dinner with several high profile officials in the Kenya Medical Fraternity . The dinner had a bit more of a laid back atmosphere. They  told stories of what to expect and how to expect cases in our endeavour to be medical heroes, and if you know me you know that I’m always in the mood for a good story telling sesh 🙂dsc_0002

During the day, I wore a black turtle neck with an Ankara skirt that was tailor made. I wore chunky nude heels because I mean , who doesn’t like a good heel, girls? I accessorised with a pendant that was very simple and chic.dsc_0015

To the dinner I wore the same black turtle neck ( the minimalist in me just had to! ) and a midi tulle skirt with the same Ankara material . I wore nude flats and a chunky gold necklace. And that is how you do day to night like a boss !


I’m a firm believer in  natural beauty so the make-up was very minimal.. but I have no problem whatsoever with those who wear makeup, you do you boo!

Black turtle neck-thrifted

Ankara tulle skirt and skater skirt-tailor made

Nude heels-urbanshoeskenya

Nude flats- Bata

Bag- MiuMiu

Chunky necklace-Forever21



Thanks for stopping bydsc_0283

Student Doctor Cherop 🙂dsc_0121


61 thoughts on “My White Coat Ceremony

  1. Well done child of ours! You make me proud every time. Way to go!! P.s waiting for the next one like yesterday!


  2. Waaoohh, what a surprise!😱😱😱😍😍😀😊
    Wonderful piece darling! 😄😄😄😄😄


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