Boyfriend…NOT boyfriend

Ladies and gentlemen, all protocol observed , I’d like to take this time to welcome you to this blog

I’m kidding  haha … hello guys 🙂

It’s been a minute or so …okay maybe a week but you guys understand 🙂img_2602

On a serious note , thank you guys so much for sharing the blog to everyone you know …y’all are dynamite! Now enough of the friendly soliloquy I’m having …let’s get down to business 🙂20161222_162335

As the title suggests …today’s post about my boyfriend .If I could pen down poetry , believe me you’d also fall in love with my boyfriend. He’s already met most of my friends and has  gotten their approval ( that’s a big plus) .  If there were awards for the couple of the year, honey, that award was created for us *insert hair flip here*20161222_162113

Before I go any further , lemme introduce to you guys to my boyfriend …

I get so shy and all 😉


For those of you frantically scrolling looking for a male figure in the photos , sorry but you won’t find one . Jokes on you , I’ve been talking about my boyfriend ….my boyfriend JEANS.20161221_171605-1

I found an amazing pair at Mr.Price and lets just say I’ve been in love ever since . They are so comfy and unlike skinny jeans you don’t have to pour yourself into the jeans haha, girls you know that struggle .20161221_172607

I paired these jeans with an off shoulder red top ( my version of a light Christmas sweater ) and white sneakers. Of course I didn’t wear this for Christmas day, my grandmother would hear none of it …It’s like wearing jeans to a wedding, NO guys , NEVER! Don’t even imagine it .img_2601

But the colour of the top gave me the Christmas feels 🙂 The deep pink neckpiece blended really well with the red and white top .

Top- Toi






Talk to you guys soon,

Cherop Towett.20161221_171508-1


24 thoughts on “Boyfriend…NOT boyfriend

  1. child of ours!!! you’re such a tease, I was looking forward to that boyfriend btw. lol… Such a cool piece. style so retro and fab! Keep going… next one?


  2. I love this so much, keep it up girl.💪👏
    It keeps getting better and better, so good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭❤❤❤🙆


  3. I love how everything just came across effortlessly amazing 🔥😂
    I’m still looking for a male in the pics btw😂


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