To friendships …

Hello 🙂

I hope you are doing great!

So right after high school we had a really long break …like a 10 months break
( it felt more like 2 ) but yeah. Instead of sitting home for 10 months doing nothing constructive.. i ( mostly my parents ) decided i should sign up for computer classes at IAT._dsc1701

Unlike most people who did accounting  or learnt a different language , my goal was to become computer literate . Not that i didn’t know how computers work but there’s never an end to learning 🙂_dsc1722

It was also a perfect opportunity to learn the CBD , which i’d wanted to know . I mean how can i live in Nairobi and not know where Archives was?

This was his exact facial reaction when i said i didn’t know town

The classes started in January and the first day was quite interesting  . When  got there i was placed in a class with people i had never met before , not even once …_dsc1760

For those who know me , they know that i like to go out of my way to say hello to people and smile at them because first impressions are everything  …but not in this case .Everyone was on their phones and i didn’t know what to do , so i sat there for like five minutes before i realized that everyone was on their phone because of free WiFi so you can guess what i did next , i joined ’em. 🙂_dsc1702

The next class is where i met these two lovely people who feature in this blog post today, Luke aka African Fresh Prince and Fiona . The seat next to me was unoccupied so Luke came and sat near me , he beat me to greetings and told me i had a nice sweatshirt and i smiled . I obviously knew it was nice so i didn’t say thank you and that’s how our friendship started ._dsc1738

As for Fiona and Luke , their friendship is of another kind…if you know what i mean ;)Fiona would come to our class frequently to see her friend and that’s how they met and like they say , the rest is history.

As for whether i learnt town, i kind of did …i only know  buildings but not streets . I blame that on Luke._dsc1746

For this post , the outfit inspiration was denim..Fiona went for a more girly but edgy look with a mesh A line skirt and a denim vest . This was complimented by brown wedges that completed the look._dsc1717

Luke went for a more bad boy denim on denim look. The key to nailing this look is making sure that the denim is not of the same colour ._dsc1694

I went for a more chic and laid-back look with tights and an over sized denim jacket , the shoes were custom painted by my friend Maggie . The hat just topped off the look.

Fiona’s outfit:_dsc1725

Mesh skirt- Toi




Luke’s outfit:_dsc1713

Denim vest-Stylist


Shades-edgy african jewellery


My outfit :_dsc1735


Denim Jacket -Toi



Photography:bmalel (I also met him at IAT😂)

Talk to you soon,_dsc1702



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