Hey Hey 🙂

Hope you’re doing well!_DSC0061

Today’s post,as the title suggests , is about my squad, my girls 🙂 Cue in the most amazing people in the word : Fiona and Amy and i ( i think i’m amazing too 🙂 )Now this friendship journey , like any other, goes waaay back ( you know that thing that happens in movies when  remembering things with the wavy memory thing , haha yeah …do that😂 )

Amy and i started becoming close in  our final year of Primary. She was  really just a ball of fun and shared her food. Loud personalities with a lot of  character attract me , and that’s Amy . We finished our final exams and you know how the story goes, we separated promising to keep in touch but never really did.

As for Fiona, she was in the same class with Amy but we didn’t talk much because i was scared of her believe it or not. She wasn’t a scary person , i was just scared of her …makes sense?😂 So there’s not much we had in common by the time we were done with class 8._DSC0044

I like to think it was fate that we all ended up in the same high school and in the same class. Amy and i picked off where we had left off like nothing happened . Fiona was better friends with Amy and by default we were always together.  See ,the thing about everyone being talkative in a group of friends is that you never miss anything to talk about and we were exactly that._DSC0054-1

Its always a good time with these shawreys and we always found a way of being together …and so we became squad 🙂

The theme for this look was black and white .Let me properly introduce my squad to you :

Amy : Is a fun loving girl who’s always up for a good time . She has a  loud personality and can throw down a mean meal , that’s the white. The black is that she can be Ms.Lemon , a complainer ( sometimes😂 )_DSC0056

Fiona :The white is that she is really really funny ,to say the least.She loves ice cream oh and  peep her food baby below ( she told me i had to do this )and loves wearing black on black on black. She’s also  really dramatic._DSC0057 (1)

Me: I’m not sure what to say about myself that you already don’t know . I love chocolate and creativity is my forte .These two also keep on telling me that i’m really complicated _DSC0072-1

Somehow we all ended up wearing dresses to the shoot without prior planning and Fiona and i had the same hair , which was  cool._DSC0060-1

This is who i am , This is my squadee. 🙂

Fiona’s outfit :


College jacket-Forever 21


Amy’s outfit:


Shoes -Thrifted


My outfit:



Talk to you soon, _DSC0055



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