Easter bunny


Hello there , I hope you’re doing well.

In accordance with the theme of Easter, today i’ll be talking about my Easter experiences. For as long as i can remember  ,we have been  your average Kenyan family, where the coming of every holiday period; whether it was a public holiday or  midterm and including Easter ;meant that we were all heading to only one place :the village ._DSC0108

Remember how, in the last blog post, i said Kericho is my favourite place in the world ? Well , way back before it grew on me ,this wasn’t always the case because i found it so boring .What was there to do?_DSC0099

However,Easter was still one of the biggest holidays for me, because it also meant chocolate Easter eggs delivered specially to me by rabbits. There were tiny chocolate eggs laid by the baby rabbits , and then there were years we got eggs so huge that i thought were laid by the biggest rabbit in the world._DSC0096

I really believed that rabbits laid chocolate eggs, because if you think about it, it’s the Easter Bunny, and not the Easter Chicken , that carries the basket of eggs. And if the rabbit always stole those eggs, that would have been the biggest heist in holiday myths.

Even with all these stories , lets not forget the real reason for the season 🙂_DSC0097

I chose this look as it is very church appropriate and i’m still obsessing over the black and white look. The a-line midi skirt just oozes modesty and the black and white long sleeved top brings out its edgy side. .The stilettos prove that modest doesn’t mean boring The also add a pop of colour ._DSC0089

Crop top- Forever 21

A-line skirt- Mr.Price

Stilletos-Backyard shoes

Photography: The amazing bmalel


If you’d like to get this amazing bag , please contact Ammon ( 0722554768)_DSC0133

Talk to you soon, _DSC0115




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