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I was so naive 😂 .Before i began to appreciate the meaning of second hand for what it actually was , I just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to wear clothes previously worn by someone else.  *feel free to eye roll me to another dimension here *_DSC0173

When the song Thrift Shop by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis came out ,that’s when i decided , ‘I totally gats this , I want to go thrifting.'( see my life )WhatsApp Image 2017-04-30 at 9.59.00 AM

And so on a decided date, my mummy and i went to Toi . Now i’m not sure which was weirder ,the fact that i decided to go thrifting because of a song or the fact that i was really dressed up for the whole ‘shopping experience’. I wore my favourite fashionable bell-bottom jeans and an adorable tee.( bell bottoms were so in)_DSC0188

When we got there , shock on me ,it was nothing like Thrift Shop . There was no store, no singers ( haha jokes) .There were just very very many stalls .What’s more , it had rained that morning . Imagine walking through all that mud among the countless stalls . And as expected,  i had zero experience in bargaining. Nada.WhatsApp Image 2017-04-30 at 9.58.53 AM

Let’s just say that that day was a great learning experience and since then I have grown in leaps and bounds . I also like thrifting because you can find unique pieces at low prices . However, regular thrifters  know that thrifting takes time . You need to develop a trained eye to spot a deal from a mile away .Another useful skill that i call interest-lack-interest helps bargain for that piece you really want ._DSC0161

The velvet crop top in today’s outfit was thrifted. Its a jewel in my  closet due to its versatility and street-chic vibe ( I’m high-key  obsessed  with velvet ) and i got it for less than Ksh.100! Imagine that . I paired it with high-waist jeans , a staple in every girl’s closet , and black ankle boots. I topped it off with a Maasai necklace , this gave the outfit authenticity._DSC0175

Velvet crop- Thrifted

Jeans -H&M


Necklace-Maasai Market.


Editing : sic_parvis_deus

Talk to you soon,_DSC0181


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