Mummy’s pick

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Hope you are doing well 🙂

Today’s post is about …well you guessed it , mama’s pick ( okay you didn’t really guess that, the title tells you😂  )

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About five years ago , my mum bought me this skirt , a linen, long ,button down elastic banded skirt. Lets just say that wasn’t my favorite skirt . Everything about that skirt was just eh …I kent even .

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I couldn’t break her heart and tell her I  didn’t like it ….naaah I couldn’t do that . I just took it to my room somewhere I wouldn’t have to see it daily.

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Days turned into weeks then months and slowly years , she started asking why I never wear the skirt and I always had a reason as to why  I never wear it , it was either one or the other , I didn’t have  an occasion to wear it to , it was not the right time etc . In my head these reasons were quite valid.19ACCC17-336F-493B-BCA3-B390A59F7875

A few months ago while going through my clothes , I found this skirt, again, but this time it was different ( romantic music in the background😂😂 ). Looking at the skirt, I realized its uniqueness is what drew me in and what probably made mummy buy it . Its made of linen in a slightly raw form , its buttons bring out a uniqueness that is not hard to appreciate and the length! Its a perfect midi skirt . The elastic brings out the aspect of versatility .

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Mummy has always had a keen eye for fashion and I  don’t doubt her one bit ( she’ll feature real soon 🙂 )

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I paired the skirt with a maroon pull neck sleeveless top and a wide brim hat which gave this look an overall casual feel.

Talk to you soon,Processed with VSCO with a4 preset






Photography: Ayienga 🙂





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