Hey 🙂

Hope you are doing good and being  good 🙂2843584B-AB4E-47ED-B64C-4CD06DE41D9A

I’m a firm believer that everything has a story behind it , every scar , every smile and to me, every item of clothing I own. Some stories are more interesting than other tho. This is the story behind today’s outfit 🙂BF664214-E67F-44CA-9478-BCF1C16C400D

It all started when Two Rivers mall in Nairobi opened ( biggest mall in sub-saharan Africa , hey hey Wikipedia !). Being a resident of Nairobi ,  I had to visit it although recent retweets by people on Twitter show that most people haven’t gone there ( Luke nitakupeleka huko, usijali😂 ) Anyway , I digress …at the time  it was of utmost importance that I visit this huge mall.226BF139-F28B-4F31-B5E9-3F212414CC06

We decided to go together as a family,  this is where all the drama started ..I was trusted  to be the Google maps reader because my directional skills are quite on point, if I do say so myself💁 but on  this day lady luck was not my portion ooh..Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I’m not a shortcut person , so when we reached a certain junction  it was between going the short complicated way or the long straight road , I decided on the latter. We drove for so long to a point there was no tarmac . Now you can imagine being blamed for getting everyone lost…long story short we got to Two Rivers an hour later .0CFD9269-0102-48A4-97E2-D03ABBA256B5

Its a really beautiful mall to say the least . Now the problem is that I had somewhere to be in an hour and thanks to my ‘brilliance’ we had spent most of our time on the road . Lets not point fingers here . In my defense , I was saving them the agony of actually getting lost .Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

My main agenda going there was buy a good pair of jeans, believe it or not .Time was running out so I  rushed to Mr. Price and picked the first pair of jeans i saw, without even trying them on  and paid . These have come to be my favorite pair of jeans to date !FF961986-A9E3-438C-A8F9-90D608E6492F

As for the top , its from LC Waikiki. I feel like LC has a formal vibe so i turn a basic button down blouse to suit my style more by wearing it backwards.The shoes give the ensemble a casual laid back look 🙂

Blouse- LC Waikiki

Jeans – Mr.Price

Flats- Gift

Ps: Matthew and mummy , see the butt peep through 🙂

Photography :Laura Sewe

Talk to you soon,

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



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