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Hope you are good . Today’s story is about how I earned my license . 024801CF-9002-4313-8246-13297AD9C004

In about a week or two , my license turns one year old. I’ve grown  up in a house where you are not allowed to drive until you earned your license . My dad would hear none of it . I never had the privilege of moving a car , let alone shifting a gear. The closest I ever came to using a car was ignition .

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Don’t get me wrong but I  know my fair share about cars .Back in the day when Top Gear was around , I  would watch it with my brothers ,now, I only have a few episodes of Grand Tour to go by on my laptop. My driving can be compared to James May’s speed together with Richard Hammond’s decision making skills, you can guess where that puts me..😂0EDB9560-2971-48B9-837E-A8125562E8B1

Basically ,for my first practical lesson, I never went anywhere . I tried to reverse for about thirty minutes. 30 GOOD MINUTES stuck on the same spot and when I was finally out of the parking space , the instructor asked me to park again and I couldn’t move the car forward. That was probably the longest Thursday of my life.E3D78508-FE44-45A8-A2F1-739DD8F68CAB

Practice makes perfect and perseverance also comes into play . Within two weeks I was cruising on Thika Super Highway at 100kmph . Being as extra, the highlight of my whole driving school experience was hitting my first speed bump. FA66301F-7514-41FC-B924-BF8045B9DE07 (1)

I’m not sure where road rage comes from , because they don’t teach you that in school ,but I am in great possession of that .Today’s outfit has shown me that you don’t need a license to try new styles . The culottes give the outfit a very official feel , which is something we should not be scared to try. Always let your personality shine through any outfit , hence the stripped  bucket bag and off shoulder .139DAF51-E178-4A2C-8388-40A05DB07C39

Culottes-LC Waikiki

Off shoulder-Gift from mummy


Bucket bag- LC Waikiki

Photography: Laura Sewe

Talk to you soon,94B0531A-43DE-4B25-B8BC-D7E0A62FE267



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