Black …

Hellur !DSC_8318

Hope you’re good .Guess what? IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS , I’m so excited !DSC_8326

Today,  we’ll talk  about the colour black . What exactly is there to say ? More than I can fathom fam . There’s the simple fact that it doesn’t appear in the rainbow ,funnily enough, that doesn’t change the fact that in an entirely black outfit you can make you stand out .DSC_8315

I’m sure some of us, if not most , have had a time when black was our favorite colour . Some stuck with that .Some changed to blue ( like meeee !! but that’s not important now ). Black is still a go to colour , for those not yet ready to embrace the rainbow spectrum just as yet.DSC_8322

Growing up ,my friend and I wanted to be Gothic ,wanted to own studded jewelry , wear black lipstick and wear black. We were aiming for an all black look ( no relation to the New Zealand rugby team but you get the point). At lunch break , we’d sit together and discuss how to pull through with this plan.We didn’t understand what it meant to be Gothic at the time , but it seemed cool and we were down for it .DSC_8325

How long did this last ? Your guess is as good as mine , a few lunch breaks and we were done but something about their fashion struck me , and remained with me since and that inspired today’s look.DSC_8319

Skirt -Thrifted

Shirt – Gift

Shoes –Sneaker Heads Kenya



Talk to you soon,DSC_8327




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