Heeeey! Hope you are doing more than amazing . dsc_8260.jpg

It’s been sometime and  I’m really excited to be talking to you again !!! I think you can tell 🙂

Today’s blog is about ……drum roll please … my jacket or famously known in some Rift regions of my beautiful country as chagetit/chaget . I’m not sure how this phrase started but it sure is funny. This starter pack caught on so much so that a group known as Propersaa took this idea and ran for the hills (feel free to look at their YouTube videos).DSC_8251

For those #teamchaget , you’ll be quick to say that my jacket isn’t brown . Yes , that true only because I’ve not found the perfect brown one. For today’s fashion statement I decided to use a sleek black leather jacket. DSC_8242

A leather jacket is a staple in anybody’s wardrobe . A BLACK leather jacket is even more of a staple and if you find one that fits well and has a chic yet edgy cut , you immediately have a piece that can take you from glum to glamorous for a night out or even battling the dull Nairobi mornings.DSC_8249

I paired this amazing leather jacket with a grey floral dress . To this i added my trusty white sneakers that give this look versatility while not compromising on comfort.dsc_8265-e1511203757341.jpg

Dress- Woolwoths

Jacket- LC Waikiki


Photography:Billy Malel

Talk to you soon , dsc_8270-e1511203575673.jpg



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