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Story story ? When I was in form two most of my friends had started going out , so as to keep up with the peer pressure , I also wanted to go out but my folks would hear none of it. I wasn’t even asking to go to a club , it could just be a birthday party at a friend’s place but for as long as it was at night , it was a NO. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes saying you started going for jam sessions as early as class 8 but issokey I was trusting my process , even though I didn’t know this at the time. DSC_3623

One of my close friends was having a party at night and I had to go , I just had to. I wasn’t  about to sneak out of the house because when you live at the top floor of  apartments there’s only one door to go both in and out, nothing like back door .So I did the next logical thing , I begged .Brathe, the things I did for this, house chores without being asked including washing the car .

Side note : I’m always talking

So after days and days of begging I was allowed to go , but there was a catch . I’d have to leave at 10pm . Waaaaau considering I would get there at 8  . To make matters worse , that was the same day 2Chainz was in Nairobi, the feeling of FOMO was real.DSC_3634

So I was at that party for 20 minutes if you ask me 😂 but half a loaf is better than none. The next time I went out was when I got to University 😂 yes yes , I was a late bloomer. I  called home and said I was going out , the response ‘okay’ . What do you mean okay? No questions?DSC_3651

Anyway since then, I’ve never looked back . This outfit gave me more of a going out party feel.More of an event vibe than the club. The floral shirt is actually a button down shirt that I transformed into an off shoulder.The flowers are just so beautiful and yes this is a vintage top from the 80’s for real !The shorts are grey/brown leather and I was drawn to them because of their unique colour. As usual , I have my  white rubber shoes . The sunnies add to the whole laid back yet cool  look .DSC_3646DSC_3624

Shirt- gift

Shorts-thrifted, Toi market


Sunnies-Billy Malel

Photographer:Billy Malel

Until next time ,DSC_3624




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