Hello Future Self


This time I’ll use more of a  practical approach rather than a story time as promised at the beginning of the year . From this , hopefully, you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe choices ( especially for people like me who live on jeans and tights 😅)accommodating more ‘grown-up like’ dresses and pants without having to compromise on comfort , style and being chic. Leggo!!

In this dress , I see myself in a different light . I’ve never viewed  myself as a working citizen buuuut this dress changed my perspective . When I wear it ,  I’m eligible to receive the ‘Dear Tax Payer emails.’😂 It’s not a dress I would typically go for but I ended up loving  it ! In the spirit of trying new things (I’m still on the new year vibe ) being more adventurous definitely comes to play here.DSC_3506

This dress has an A-line hem. Its bodice, the upper part of the dress,  is similar to a wrap around dress alluding to free flowing Diane Von Furstenberg  dresses , allowing the wearer (meeeee!) to experience the best of both worlds. Being my first dress of this kind , I went with the safer colour option. Basically  a plain palatte or with a solid colour and micro patterns you are able to be more creative when it comes to shoes, bags and overall accessories.DSC_3512

I paired the dress with burgundy stiletto heels ( Who run the world ?🎶). I also added a mini burgundy bag ..yesss I love the colour !

Dress-Jade Collections

Shoes-Backyard shoes

Mini-bag- Susen

Photographer:Billy Malel


Until next time ,DSC_3496





4 thoughts on “Hello Future Self

  1. ….haha new year new vibe new style new place commments😁😁😁😂look smart,nice dress or everything just fine…thank the cameraflash for not letting you down.


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