Flowers !!


How are you today ? I really wanted to post this in the morning , in a bid to try something new , but fate decided otherwise😂 as usual.DSC_3479

Today’s post will feature another practical approach to what we wear . I’ll call this segment ‘practically yes’ The ensemble is a simple shirt dress that really can be worn anywhere from Sunday Brunch to lunch with family .DSC_3471

What I enjoy about shirt dresses is their playful yet versatile nature , now I’m sure some of you are wondering what versatility sis ? I’m here to tell you there’s more to it than you think !DSC_3475

A shirt dress can be worn on its own for more of a relaxed free flowing vibe for light fabrics such as chiffon. When the material is slightly ‘heavier’ a belt can be used to synch your waist.Those keen enough will notice that I have a slingbag strap in place of a belt , improvisation 101.For those a little more daring , wearing it backwards is always an option, remember when I did this ? ( Refer to this post)DSC_3478

For accessories , I like the clothes speaking for themselves but if its a plain colour shirt dress , a statement necklace is a def.

When it comes to shoes , I paired mine with white rubber shoes for a more dressed down look . If you want to opt for heels , strappy ones such as sandal heels would don’t be afraid to experiment with colour.DSC_3485

Shirt dress-Jade collections


‘Belt’- We all know its a sling bag strap😂

Photographer:Billy Malel

Until next time ,DSC_3487



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