Black Pt.2

Heeey !DSC_4678

Hope you are keeping warm through the hailstones and thunder .DSC_4692

Let me dive right into this . Sometime back, I did a whole black look and got lots of positive feedback on it. So what ya girl decide? To do another black post but as a collab! This would be a perfect time to put a Black Panther reference ,Wakanda Foreverrr!DSC_4677

You already know how Luke and I met and we’ve been friends ever since , how he made fun of me for not knowing town (ย Click here ) and associated stories, so when he approached me to do a Black on Black piece and I was sold.ย DSC_4747

Luke went for a semi-official look and I just really wanted to wear my trench coat , which would be a good idea to wear one now especially because RAIN. Someone once told me when it rains in Nairobi that’s when the trench coats and boots come out to play. Nairobaes, is that true?DSC_4705

I really enjoyed creating this look and added a hint of colour and class with the silk scarf.

Lukeย DSC_4735

Long sleeved t shirt- King’s Collection.



Trench -Greenspan Mall

Mine ๐Ÿ™‚DSC_4673

Top_ Thrifted


Silk scarf- Mummy



Talk to you soon,DSC_4708




4 thoughts on “Black Pt.2

  1. I think I’m also getting addicted to these posts..


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