Men’s inspired

Heeey ! Guess what’s up….World cup ? Close enough but no, it’s me !IMG_8693 I  missed interacting with my followers on this platform and I must say I’m happy to be back . That and, I can’t stop dreaming about the Beychella performance . Let’s get down to it , shall we?IMG_8692

I was privileged to work with the amazing brand KikoRomeo. KikoRomeo has been in Kenya for almost two decades. It continuously churns out Kenyan masterpieces that have rocked fashion shows all over Africa as well as graced Red Carpets worldwide (Cannes 2018 ).  The head designer, Ann McCreath , has a truly inspiring story as to how and why she chose Kenya as well as the beginning of what has grown to become one of the most sought after African fashion houses. ( more information can be obtained from )

IMG_8669The jacket is a piece from a men’s inspired female collection. It really is an authentic piece which tells a story. The jacket was tie-dyed in Nigeria using natural indigo dye on cotton fabric. It is symmetrical which appeals to the structure in most male tailored outfits. The intricate attention to detail is quite visible in the triangular buttons. I can’t get enough of this jacket !IMG_8678

To soften up this look,I added maroon fishnet stockings which brought about a playful nature . Diamonds are a girl’s best friend , but  shoes don’t come far from second to them. I paired the jacket with nude velvet sock boots. I used the beret and the red sunnies as simple accessories to complete the entire look.IMG_8689

Get ready guys. This is just part one  of three!IMG_8675

Jacket – KikoRomeo

Stockings and beret-Toi

Velvet boots- Amazon



IMG_8679Talk to you soon ,IMG_8691



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