Men’s inspired pt.2

IMG_8615Heeey ! Hope you are doing good , Happy June. It’s also worldwide repeat day, most of you now have the Kansol’s song Bamblas in your head( I know I do) , but it’s more of repeat reading this post and any others you might have missed 🙂IMG_8622

As you have seen from the title, this is a continuation from the first part of the KikoRomeo series .IMG_8633

The indigo pants are a matching set piece just like the coat in the previous post. Inspired by masculine like looks for females , the collection was born. Sometimes switching up from bright colours to dark ,deep metallic shades represents edginess and sophistication.IMG_8620

Paired with white shoes for comfort which is key as well as giving the trousers a classic look. The nude coloured t-shirt gave it a more relaxed vibe and the orange belt hinted a pop of colour. IMG_8624

Pants -KikoRomeo

T-shirt-Two Rivers


Fan-House of LeatherIMG_8627

Phtography :@mariabesie

Talk to you soon,IMG_8629



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