Heeey ! If you made it this far , you made it through half of 2018,Β  also to the end of the three part series on KikoRomeo. Go you !IMG_8651

The piece I am wearing today is part of the collection ‘ I Pray to the One of Many Colours ‘ collection. Inspired by the Maasai people layering of different fabrics. It is made using two woven coloured fabrics.IMG_8637

When asked what her future plans for both herself and KikoRomeo are, Ann simply replied ‘Onwards and upwards. This year I’m getting closer to fine art and music , both of which I love. I’m also learning tiedye myself , which I’m loving – expect fine art pieces from me , probably in textile and exhibitions with fine artists. I will also be doing more with refugees in Kakuma as I loved the initial collaboration thanks to Ajuma and now want to develop a fully fledged design program.IMG_8638

This dress speaks for itself , the attention to detail and pattern is carefully followed . It is so simple yet sophisticated and easily drapes on you body . The slit is everrrrrything !IMG_8646

Look out for KikoRomeo in the Dakar Fashion Week, Senegal on 20-25th June . They will showcase a new menswear collection.

Photography:Maria Besie



Talk to you soon,IMG_8657




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