Red be thy name.


First things first, I’ll feel guilty if I don’t address  my absence on here in almost one year. My small family of readers would constantly ask me why I had not posted in a while and truth be told, I never did have a concrete answer. What started out as a creative block ended up being a year long hiatus, but I’m back, that’s what matters now 🙂 To those who checked up and encouraged me to take my time and come back when I’m ready,thank you❤❤DSC_3306

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love colours ! I’m not sure my favourite colour is still blue😅 I’ve started to notice colours more and how they  make me feel more than the actual fit.DSC_3305

I’ve also been into the monochrome look more. This pants suit spoke sophistication.The kind you wear when you want attention and power or already have it ! The colour choice for most people is out there but why not sis! This was also my birthday suit this year ,literally 😅DSC_3315

The pants are bell bottoms which are a timeless classic and a must have in any girl’s wardrobe. This was paired with a simple matching blazer with gold buttons. Attention to detail is everything!DSC_3304


I paired the blazer with a low cut PLAIN black top that would not make the suit seem like it had to compete for attention.DSC_3321

The heels and necklace really tie down the look together.DSC_3319



N.B: If you do try this monochrome look ,don’t be afraid to go all out.You can use a red chiffon top instead of the black cotton one I have here .DSC_3308


Black top-Thrifted

Cheetah stilettos-shoeholic_planet

Layered chain-wardrobe banter

Photography: Billy Malel

Talk to you soon(for real this time 🙂 )DSC_3299



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