Finally, red


Finally! I am coming to the end of my red series.Just like I mentioned in the previous post,I will use some of the clothes used before just to show you that you don’t need your wardrobe to overflow, just a few key essentials and you’ll be fine.DSC_3277

To the red blazer from the pants suit I paired a simple lace bodysuit, red. The rigid and serious structure of the blazer is softened by the delicate and playful lace. A perfect balance between work and play.DSC_3248

I’m really into bell-bottoms and jeans will not left out of this obsession.The story behind this jeans is long and winding buuut to cut the story short,I thrifted the jeans for a proper steal then decided I wanted them in a lighter shade.Many failed acid washes later,here we are 🙂DSC_3251

The black bag is a little cute accessory which is both small and practical.

Tell me what you think?DSC_3290







Until we meet again,DSC_3244



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